Double Verified Guaranteed Qualified Solar Appointments

You have virtually nothing at risk with our appointments. Double Verified means we employ both Reps and Verifiers which will verbally ask and visually validate all your customizable filter requirements for each unique campaign we run for you.

Appointments Customized to Fit Your Needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

When it comes to solar, one size rarely fits all. Our goal is to customize a product that meets the specific need of your solar offering on a state by state basis: You set the coverage areas or zip codes, tell us your approved utility providers and customize most of the filter limits in the list below. Our appointment setters keep you in front of your ideal customer right at the point of sale. Our systems ensure little is left to chance, so your valuable time is spent getting the customers you need with the best chance of closing the sale!

Because of our enhanced DOUBLE VERIFIED workflows, we can guarantee a fully qualified solar appointment lands on you or we replace it. Here’s how it works… If you don’t get to communicate with a fully qualified consumer who meets your filter requirements; then you let us know in the Google Sheet WITHIN ONE HOUR OF RECEIVING THE APPOINTMENT and we will REPLACE IT. It’s just that simple!