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Leadmmatic speeds up the sales process by connecting agents with their ideal customers over the phone to help instantly grow their business. We do this by collecting, verifying, and delivering insurance details from interested consumers who are looking for insurance and want to be contacted by phone now.

  1. You select the ideal live transfer lead by choosing your products, availability, geographic filters, and other advanced targeting options.

  2. We collect high-intent Mortgage, Solar, and Insurance applications from consumers actively searching for quotes who want to be connected to an agent by phone.

  3. We verify each new lead’s intent using our U.S based T.C.P.A compliant call center and ensure each contact matches your filter requirements before transferring to you.

  4. The Live Transfer is matched to you based on your pre-selected daily calls schedule and filters. If you miss a call you will receive an email notification and the consumer's information is posted to your online account for reference.

Why Use Live Transfer Leads?

  • Live Contacts: High-intent, inbound calls from insurance shoppers at their peak of interest.

  • 100% Contact Rate: Talk with live insurance leads instead of chasing them down.

  • Better ROI: Higher average lead to sale conversion than other methods.

  • Save Time: Talk with more interested consumers instead of searching for them.

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